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Beauty Center “Beauty Derm” Varna

Body FX (by Invasix, Israel) is an innovative technology for removing unwanted fat in order to “sculpting” of ideal body contours.

Body Fix procedure is extremely pleasant and comfortable. The body applicator heats the adipose tissue in depth of 2.5 cm and produces natural self-destruction of fat cells. The Body Fix procedure synthesizes new collagen and the skin becomes more dense and elastic. Thus, apart from that you will get rid of fat deposits, cellulite, sagging skin and other imperfections, you will have a new contour. In addition, Body Fix induces remodeling of existing collagen and synthesis of a new one. Thanks to this effect, in addition to reduction of the circumference, is observed skin tightening. In each treatment, the length of the procedure and the force of impact are determined by the thickness of subcutaneous fat. Depending on them, the length of the procedure is between 10 and 20 minutes per zone. After the procedure is noticeable redness and slight warming.

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Beauty Center Beauty Derm

The procedure is a combination of radio frequency energy, electroporation and vacuum massage.

The number of treatments needed varies between 6 and 8 by making three treatments a week. The full effect unfolds one month after the first procedure.



JetPeel by TavTech (Israel)

The most successful non-invasive way to rejuvenate the skin


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Without pain and needles – JetPeel is the best non-invasive mesotherapy and a procedure, which does not heat the skin. Regular treatments with JetPeel will deeply hydrate your skin. It will look younger, healthier and radiant. The pores will close, the stains will fade, fine lines will soften and the acne scars will clean up. Suitable for all skin types and all ages.

The noninvasive mesotherapy with Jet Peel works with physiological saline or different active ingredients according to skin type. JetPeel accelerates the liquid up to 200 meters / second (720 km / h). The patented by Tav-Tech applicator, under the influence of high pressure, breaks saline / active components to micro-droplets. The oxygen flow, along with micro-droplets, gently and painlessly penetrates deeply, rejuvenates, refreshes and hydrates the skin.



One technology – endless applications.

JetPeel is suitable for all skin types, for all ages and can be used in all seasons of the year.

Beauty Center Beauty Derm 

Diolaze by Inmode, Israel

New generation of diode laser hair removal, without compromising on the peak power, suitable for all skin types and seasons!


Created by Inmode MD LTD, Israel, the laser system IN MODE is innovation in laser technology in the field of laser hair removal, the latest generation device. 

DIOLAZE is a diode laser with a wavelength of 810 nm. It has the following advantages:

– high efficiency – permanent hair removal for 4-6 procedures;

– painless – thanks to an efficient cooling system that provides a low temperature (up to 2° C) of the treated surface;

– speed of work – a few minutes in small areas to a maximum of 40-50 minutes for hair removal of larger areas;

– opportunity for safe and effective work in dark skins and bright, blond hair;

– minimal side effects;
– comfortable procedure without the need for a recovery period of the skin;

– the light used in laser hair removal is absolutely safe for underlying internal organs.

лазерна епилация на крака


A laser hair removal with diode laser with ”Gold Standard”, without compromising the peak power, speed and a large application area. “Diolaze” is the new champion in laser hair removal. It is the first high-speed laser that provides simultaneously uncompromised power and high speed pulse rate on the skin.





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